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Wind Power – Mull Wind Power

Wind Power

Why Wind Power?

The Isle of Mull has on average 25% more wind than the rest of Britain, so the performance of wind turbines on the Island will generally be double the National average.
A small wind turbine installed on your premises can help you save on electricity bills and generate an income by selling your surplus electricity back to the grid. Providing the turbine has a Micro Generation Certificate (MCS) it will qualify to claim the Feed In Tariff from your electricity supplier and you will receive a quarterly payment for all the energy you produce. At the present time the FIT for a turbine between 1.5kW and 15kW is 14.45p/kWh. This is the current figure and will be available until December 2015, when the figure will reduce. The revenue is guaranteed for 20 years (it is increased with inflation), and with the current cost of installing a typical wind turbine on Mull, the payback period is of the order of 5-6 years.

Power Output

The power output from wind turbines increases with the cube of the windspeed, so that a 25% increase in wind speed will double the energy output. Small wind turbines tend to be poorly sited, out of the public view, which compromises performance. Siting a wind turbine on high ground will produce a large increase in energy production.

Wind power is a free and inexhaustible source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and oil, which exist in a finite supply and which must be extracted from the earth at great environmental cost, wind turbines harness a boundless supply of kinetic energy in the form of wind.


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